May. 15th, 2012

falcongrrl: (Default) big Mother's Day present was a laptop. I so was not expecting it and vacillated between squee!shiny! and guilt. Which, I guess is appropriate for Mother's Day. *wry grin* Anyway, I'm really excited about it. So far it's set up with Windows, which feels like I've missed an opportunity to do Linux. I might erase everything (my old files from the netbook are on an external drive)and set up a partition, if I can figure it out.

Sometimes I even get the crazy idea to just set it up as a Linux box. So far what's keeping me from it is remembering what a PITA it was to install programs on Ubuntu when I had it, and wondering if the programs I want even have Linux versions. That, and, well, the fact that I don't know what the hell I'm doing. But it would be an incentive to learn, right?

Work is interesting. Mostly I like it, though I still am often boggled by coworkers. Sometimes I don't understand people and I feel like an alien watching them and trying to understand their behaviors and motivations. That said, this past Friday night I went out with some mama friends and laughed and shared and just generally had an awesome time. Saturday Ellie and I went to a family gathering, and I had a really good and intense conversation with my stepmom, who's going through some stuff right now. So I feel like I want to spend more time with family and old friends and less time with the people who don't really get me.

At the same time, I want to give the people who don't get me a little slack in terms of, well, not getting me. I am a bit of an acquired taste.

I'm reading a book about writing poetry, which I think counts for something, even though I haven't been writing yet. I'm trusting that the writing will come (and I am planning on doing the exercises, just for fun. I might even post some.) Mostly my creative outlet has been making little stuffed animals out of felt or embroidering. I love working with my hands in that way; it's so satisfying.

So...that's what's going on with me. What's new with you?


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