Jan. 6th, 2013

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I'm going out and doing things, not to fix the broken brain but in spite of it, or maybe to spite it. So today I met up with friends at the park. I brought my banjo for them to play with and crafting stuff to work on. Ellie brought her skates so she could skate with their daughter. I probably wasn't the best company, kind of frizzy and grumpy in turns, but it was good to be in a beautiful natural setting around people I feel comfortable with.

This is a park where people bring their dogs. I think the dogs are technically supposed to be leashed, and most are, but occasionally some aren't. The park is pretty big and never that crowded, though we were sitting fairly close to the entrance/parking area.

I was sitting there, sewing, when suddenly this big fluffy white dog - maybe a husky? - with intense blue eyes, just came immediately over to me as if I'd called it. It walked right up to me and licked me on the cheek, as if saying hello to an old friend. I petted it and called it a good puppy, like you do.

It went over to my friend immediately after, who was like, umm, nice to meet you, but I'm not a dog person. So the dog kinda moved on amiably and went back to its owners.

This in itself would be a little odd, but then quite a bit later the same thing happened, with a totally different group of humans and dog. I can't remember what sort of dog this was - it was just as big but less fluffy, and dark, I think. It was drooling. It walked away from its owners and came right over to me again, and drooled in my face, and I petted it and called it a good dog. It completely ignored my other friend, went over to the first friend (who again said some version of, umm, thanks but no thanks, buddy) and then trotted back over to its owners.

I'm probably reading way too much into it, but it felt like greeting, and grace. It felt like you are not alone.

And you know, if in the end I end up as a crazy lady who talks to dogs...

...I think I'm actually pretty okay with that.


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