Apr. 9th, 2017

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Hi all--

After concerns with the situation on LiveJournal, I decided to delete my account there. That made me remember this account (which has all my old LJ entries) and think about starting to post again.

I went through my reading list and made a giant purge, mostly because I haven't been here in so long that I've lost touch with many of you. But if you're reading this, and you'd like to be added back, please comment below or ping me privately. The deletions weren't personal at all; the whole thing is feeling like a bit of a reboot.

My words feel clunky, but I'm going to try to get in the habit of writing regularly again. I'm part of a daily prompt community on here, so I might start with that.

Today's prompt is "Don't blame the donkey." Hmm. Not blaming the donkey seems like good advice on the whole; what could possibly be the donkey's fault? Maybe some oats turned up missing. Do donkeys even eat oats? Clearly, I don't know enough about this subject to be writing about it.

(Actually, this link suggests letting them graze and giving them straw is a good option.)

I would like to have a donkey, though I almost certainly don't have the yard space for it.

Fun fact: Horses are supposed to have an acre of land per horse, according to my mom. Whenever I see horses in a small environment, I feel sad. I want them to have the freedom to really run across a wide open expanse. But if we're driving and my daughter says, "Hey, mom, horses!", I don't have the heart to tell her that they should really be in a larger area. I don't know if that says something about my level of honesty or my parenting approach. Mostly I think it means I don't want her to be sad.

I don't know How Much Land A Donkey Needs (the sequel to Tolstoy's famous short story), but I have a feeling that my neighbors would object in any case.


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