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my picture here

reference photo here

A little cartoony, but I'm still fairly pleased with how it came out.

I like the colors, which don't come through very well in the cell phone pic. Though her skin looks kind of glowy in the pic, but it's really just white (uncolored) in reality. I was afraid to do anything more flesh-toned for fear of messing it up. I also went back and touched up the gold on her helmet after taking the picture.

Perspective is kind of off on the helmet, but oh well. :-)
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day 8, picture 7


copied from Animal Portraits book again, pencil and colored pencil
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day 7, picture 6, pencil and colored pencil

I need to get caught up - yesterday between M (Daniel's friend) coming over and Tribe Night, drawing just didn't happen. But I think 11pm is too late to start a second one for today, so I'll catch up later.

it's furry!

You can't tell from looking how many reference photos of both foxes and horses I looked at to try to get the body somewhat plausible. :-P

I think closeups may be better aesthetically for the trading card format, though these are fun too.
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day 5

I think I may end up doing a bigger-sized version of this one, making the transformation part more apparent. :-) Imperfect but it's something.

text in background reads:

"In the terrible times of the night, when your worries crowd around you like burning wolves, you shall imag(ine) each of the worries turning into a glowing strip of molten glass in the proper color for that worry. You shall shape the strips of glass."


Jan. 4th, 2010 04:32 pm
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day 4

Also copied from someone else's photo, from this book.
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*argh* I really need to stop procrastinating on these. I used this photo as a reference, before realizing that I didn't know if it was creative commons and probably shouldn't have. But since it's really just for practice, hopefully that doesn't matter.

Anyway, here is day 3. I'm not entirely happy with it, but hands are hard and I'm not completely unhappy with it either. More than anything, I wish I'd left myself more time to plan and to work on something. But the kids will be back in school tomorrow, so hopefully that will help with future cards.

eta: Okay, I'm looking at this again and I'm laughing at how bad it is. But everyone has to start somewhere.
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Grey Queen, day 2 of 30 in 30, whee! :-)

Medium: pencil, black colored pencil

day 1

Jan. 1st, 2010 11:35 am
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Okay, I have finished my first ATC for the 30 in 30 meme. It was fun! Medium is colored pencil and oil pastel. I'm not hugely happy with the eyes, but I think it's a good first effort.

pic here


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