Jun. 30th, 2005 06:54 am
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Beast Boy has been buying entirely too many pet slugs.*

The first one ate the microwave, Raven's cape, and all the food in the house before Beast Boy trapped it in Robin's sock. He tried to put the second on Robin's cape, but the cape was much too strong for the slug to eat.

Each of the first two slugs had 100 babies so now there are 200 baby slugs in the house!

Now, Beast Boy has also had a couple of Captain Morgans and Cokes, due to a rough day (all the slugs, maybe?) and so he's lying on the sofa. He did take a break, however, to buy four more slugs; obviously, the ethanol has seriously impaired his judgment.

Raven has caught one of the slugs in her room.** She's pissy because it just ate her force field.

I, Starfire, am recording this for posterity so that if/when the slugs eat us all alive, someone will have heard of our plight. My green super-vision allows me to see them well, so I'm hitting as many with fireballs as I can, per Robin's instructions, but there are just too damn many of them.

To further complicate things, the baby living with us just ate my lipstick and is handing it to Beast Boy saying, "Daddy. Wook. Mouf. Mine." Even though I tried to put her on the potty, she just peed on the floor. More mess to clean up. Maybe the slugs will drink it.

Robin is harassing Beast Boy about his penchant for slugs. Oh, wait, he's turning to me now.

"Um, Starfire?" Robin says.


"The slug's on the baby's head."

"Well, you'll have to get it off. I can't hit the baby in the head with a fireball."

Beast Boy's on the phone with his mom now. The baby's eating Doritos and trying to put lipstick on me. Robin's playing with a styrofoam container, and I'm...well, I don't know what I'm doing--but in a minute, I'm sure I'll be required to hit a few slugs with my fireball power.

All in a day's work.

*The slugs are NPCs.

**Raven is also an NPC.


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