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Today I'm feeling much happier with my life. Of course, I also started my period. Coincidence? ;-)

I'm grateful for [livejournal.com profile] mind_traveler (aka Dave), for teaching me how to love. If I'm able to love any of you at all, it's in no small way due to his presence in my life.

We had a small garage sale yesterday and made $60. Not a huge windfall, by any means, but not bad either. Tonight Dave's brother's visiting us - he's in town for a professional conference, but this is the night we're going to see him. Next weekend Dave's parents are coming, so this is a nice prelude to getting the house ready for them. (Translation: I'm working my ass off to clean the house today, and I'll be doing more over the coming week.)

Right now I feel so much better about my life. And I think the fear of losing those close to me (Ellie, Dave, Daniel, my mom, [livejournal.com profile] shaterri, and others...) is in part because my life is so full right now. I just have to figure out how to be happy without being overinvested in how things work out, without being so fearful of loss. When I think of the impossibility of doing that with Daniel and Ellie, it reminds me of how I have that in common with mothers all over the world, whether in Georgia or Virginia or Iraq or Sudan. No mother wants to lose her child.

Speaking of children...or, umm, not...I'm thinking of getting my tubes tied. Does anyone on my fl have experience with that? My two big concerns are cost and the possibility of it not working anyway.


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