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Glory to those who hope!
For the future is theirs;
Those who stand unflinching against the mountain
Shall gain its summit.
So hopes the river, running to the sea,
To fulfill its dreams in the crash of waters.
So longs the tree, branching skyward
At last to touch the palm of the sun.
Therefore we love dawn as a promise of day,
The nightingale's love-song as a longing for birth,
The flowing of streams as the beat of dreams made real,
Streams cutting channels for rivers of the future
And never growing weary.
And all who join hands, trusting creation--
These are the companions of hope.
Forge, then, the vision of days to come:
As the waves shape the rocky shore,
As the smith moulds white-hot steel at will,
Form dreams of faithfulness.
Desolation will not leave the desert,
Until it leaves the heart.

--David Rokeach
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My son is reading. In English and Hebrew.

It's as if a switch just flicked. He's sounding words out, reading whole sentences he sees everywhere that he wouldn't have attempted a couple of months ago. It's amazing to watch. Developmentally, he's just there now. I don't mean to minimize the groundwork of his kindergarten and first grade teachers, which has been huge. But it's like suddenly he just can.

And at temple today his teachers commented to Dave on how quickly Daniel's picking things up. On the drive home, Daniel was telling me about the Hebrew vowels and consonants and how to read the letters, and I was just amazed. Dave is taking a class for adults, and he's able to read and sound out words in Hebrew too. Both of them have only been taking it for about three weeks, and their class only meets once a week. (Of the two of them, Dave predictably studies more between class meetings. He also knows more.)

I'm so proud of both of them.

Me? Well, I'm talking about learning to sew skirts with a mommy friend, and I'm oddly excited (if a bit fretful at my general lack of fine coordination skills for these sorts of things) and hopefully getting a bit of time to myself tomorrow. Lizzy and I have a deal worked out at the preschool where I work some unpaid time in exchange for childfree time. Last time we tried this it didn't work so well...but this time I think we've both learned a lot, and we seem to be doing well so far.

My house is not as organized (by a longshot) as I'd like for it to be...but in the larger scheme of things, there are other things more important. I'm eating more healthily and my kids seem to be doing well right now. I'm making a bit of money and forming some good friendships at the preschool. Since reading the book Driven to Distraction, I feel like I relate to Daniel better and understand some things about him more. This doesn't mean that he *has* ADD necessarily, but it has helped me with some of his issues that bear a passing resemblance to it. (Same Hebrew class, Daniel impulsively (and, we think, jokingly) called a kid an 'idiot' and really hurt his feelings. Dave had The Talk with him about it.)

I exercised yesterday but missed today, and the writing hasn't been going all that well. I wrote a poem for a friend's birthday and some prose for another friend that I'm proud of, but it's been pretty hit or miss lately.

This weekend was quiet. Dave and I got some non-kid time last night and cooked a nice dinner and snuggled. (Umm, before and after sex, for the prurient and/or curious.)

I'm getting back on track spiritually, it feels like. Though that's easier when I'm exercising too - for some reason, exercising is a great time to do mental japa. :-) Not that japa is the sum total of spirituality, but it's one of those things that helps. I've also been reading a book [livejournal.com profile] gleefulfreak sent and just try to keep returning to what's important, what's real.

This is all I have for now. Other than some lingering fretting for my friend's difficult thing, I'm at peace. I'm trying to hang onto this feeling, but i have to remember that attachment to it - to anything - doesn't really serve me either. It's a hard lesson to learn.


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